Winter Is Coming

Are you prepared for the changing season?

Winter is on the way... and fall is the perfect time to prepare your property and life for the coming season. Don't wait until the snow flies, preparing now will save you time and money. Are you planning to be away during the course of the normal heating season for longer than 96 hours? Please contact us to ensure your home is protected against any form of water damage as your policy may have exlcusions and provisions. Read through our seasonal tips on this page, and visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada website to get started on your winter prep.

Business Owners

Extreme weather is the new normal, and business owners should be extra vigilant in preparing for unexpected and severe storms throughout the winter. Products may sell out during a weather event, so shopping now for supplies will put you one step ahead.

Turn on heat around the clock to avoid burst pipes

Have sprinkler system checked to make sure all drains are free of water

Train staff on location and procedure for turning off water valves

Form a plan for making sure that exterior vents, covers and hydrants are free of snowpack

Review employee saftey manuals for winter specific scenarios

Check insurance and license status of winter contractors

Stock up on salt and sand, and install anti-slip mats at entrances


Now is the perfect time to get your lawn, garden and home ready for winter. Cold air, snow and ice can all be damaging to your home and garden. A few simple preparations now will minimize the risk of any weather-related damage and leave you free to relax indoors when it gets cold.

Clean out, repair and secure loose eavestroughs and downspouts

Repair compromised exterior caulking to keep your windows weather-proof

Fix cracks in your weather stripping, or replace if more than 2 years old

Repair any loose roof shingles

Turn the furnace on

Test carbon monoxide detector and replace if necessary

Test smoke alarms and replace batteries if necessry

Protect pipes in unheated areas of your home with insulation

Prune trees and shrubs in fall, and wrap vulnerable shrubs in burlap

Plant new trees, shrubs and perennials to enhance your garden

Seal your driveway to extend its life

Store patio furniture

Turn of exterior water and drain hoses

Clean out your garage and give snow removal equipment a tuneup


When the first snow flies, it isn't long before thoughts of warmer places fill our minds. If you are planning travel this winter, research how traveller's insurance can free you from worry about how the weather back home will affect your plans. Below are some of the things that travel insurance will cover.

Protects against flight cancellations and makes sure everyone gets home

Provides assistance with handling medical emergencies such as lost prescriptions

Helps if you lose your documentation such as passports

Handles medical evacuation if you become seriously ill while away

Reimburses you if you become ill before you even leave and have to cancel your trip

Steps in should a travel provider go out of business

Reimburses you if a severe weather event sends you home early

Helps you find quality local medical attention in your language

Winter Drivers

Driving in winter can be stressful. Take some time now to make sure you're prepared for the conditions on the road.

Change to winter tires

Service your vehicle for the winter

Top up your washer fluild and keep plenty on hand

Put a winter emergency kit in your car

Keep your gas tank at least half-full

Let someone else know where you're going

Take a winter driving course

Switch off overdrive and cruise control in winter conditions

Check road conditions prior to leaving

Allow extra time to reach your destination

Winter Emergency Kit:

  • Fully charged cell phone
  • Non-perishable food
  • Water
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • Jumper cables
  • Warm gloves
  • Shovel
  • Traction mats or sand