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Oliver Baezner

I wanted to say thank-you for the outstanding service that CRS Merrill Insurance has provided to me and my family over the many years that I have been insuring through your company.
Your team is extremely professional and courteous and they always respond to my many requests in a very timely manner. I feel very protected and safe knowing that CRS Merrill Insurance is looking after my personal and business insurance needs.

And a couple of years ago, when I had hail damage on my roof your team did everything they could to ensure that it was repaired by a reputable company in a timely manner.
You take excellent care of any referrals that I send to you at CRS Merrill Insurance and I will continue to recommend you to all my clients, because I am certain that every one of them will be well looked after by your “caring” team.

Oliver Baezner
Business & Executive Coach
Owner, Sonic Breakthrough Coaching

Stephen A. Johnson, CA

It gives me pleasure to present this letter of recommendation for Beverly Salt. I have been a client of CRS Merrill Insurance for the past two years. Previously I was with the same insurance company for close to 20 years. I was very skeptical about moving to another company. I always compared rates just to make sure I was getting a good deal. Prior to meeting Beverly, I had never used an insurance broker. I actually did not know that insurance brokers existed.

After getting to know Beverly, we moved our home and auto insurance to the care of her team at CRS Merrill Insurance. From day one, they have been very easy to deal with. It seems that we have frequent changes in our family that require changes in our insurance as well. They take this in stride and make the changes quickly and smoothly.

This summer I had an unfortunate incident with my boat that caused a great deal of damage to the motor. This happened just three weeks prior to our family vacation. We enjoy having our boat on vacation, and I hated the thought that we may not be able to get it repaired in time.

I called the team at CRS Merrill Insurance to report the damage and was soon assigned to an agent at the insurance company. Unfortunately, this agent did not provide the answers we were looking for, which would have resulted in us recovering a smaller amount on the claim. The difference would have come out of our pocket.

I contacted Beverly to discuss my disappointment in the way the insurance company handled this claim. She personally knew one of the more senior people at the insurance company, and made a phone call on my behalf. She was able to use her influence to resolve the disagreement between myself and the claims agent. We had our payment from the claim within a week, and we were able to have the boat repaired in time for our family vacation.

I owe a big thanks to Beverly and her team at CRS Merrill Insurance for being patient with me through this process, and providing exemplary service in moving this claim forward in a quick fashion. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for better service, with competitive insurance quotes to contact Beverly and her team.

Stephen A. Johnson, CA
Partner, Dorward & Company LLP Chartered Accountants

Kelsey Andries

I would like to provide Beverly Salt and the staff at CRS Merrill Insurance with this letter of recommendation and referral.

I met Beverly in March 2012. After getting to know her on a personal and professional level, I decided to switch all of my insurance (home, auto, and commercial) over to CRS Merrill. I must admit that the though of transferring all of my policies over was a bit daunting, but the staff at CRS Merrill made the transition a breeze. They checked into my existing policies to find out what coverage I had, what premium I was paying and when the policies expired. Over the next 6 months, I was able to transition everything over seamlessly. I would receive an email that outlined what they found, the new rate and all of the forms that I needed to fill out. All I had to do was fill them out and fax them back!

For an up and coming business woman like myself, Bev is a fantastic role model. I remember the first time that I met her I thought to myself "I want to be like her when I grow up". She is fantastic at what she does, she is passionate about the industry she is in and she is a genuine and authentic person. What she has done with CRS Merrill Insurance is inspiring and makes me want to be a better business woman.

I would recommend Beverly's services to anyone looking for an insurance broker that will work with them to find the best possible solutions for their home, auto, and business insurance. I look forward to sending her my friends and family as I know that she will take care of them as if they were her family too!


Kelsey Andries, Bkin(Hons), CSCS, NCCP, Master Ki-Hara Practitioner and Instructor
Owner/CEO, Stenia Health and High Performance Inc.

Jodie Schreiner

My experience started at BNI when I approached Beverly Salt about tenant's insurance. Since it was the first time I had rented in many years, I was not sure what I needed. Beverly was going to be out of town so she had another broker in the office contact me. She went over all of my options with me in a very clear and concise manner that enabled me to actually understand my insurance policy.

Two weeks before my moving date, I was extremely busy packing and making moving arrangements and my broker contacted me. I was thrilled and very appreciative of the friendly reminder.

Not only was I moving out but I was in the middle of purchasing a new vehicle and I was under the impression that I had to stay with my current insurance company until a one year period was up. My broker educated me that was not the case and gave me quotes for my new vehicle.

I was not prepared to run around the city to obtain all the information I needed for a change of insurer. My broker said that she would look after everything, with my permission so I could focus on my move and purchase of my new vehicle.

I feel like I am talking to friends when I call CRS Merrill Insurance. They truly do care and explain everything without fancy insurance jargon and terminology that I do not understand. They respond to my calls and emails almost immediately. I would say that they treat everyone like a celebrity!

I am so grateful to have met Beverly Salt, not only does she have very professional, caring, trustworthy business but Beverly is also a business woman that I aspire to be. I would like to send big kudos to the CRS Merrill Insurance team.

Jodie Schreiner
Account Executive
Calgary Flames Partnership Ltd.

Sandy Fransham

Do you have the right Insurance Coverage?

For many years our family used large impersonal insurance companies for our home and auto policies because we thought we were getting a 'deal' with group discounts through our work associations. We were wrong. The quotes that CRS Merrill provided us matched or beat our current policies. But what really compelled us to switch our policies to CRS Merrill was the personal service the team provides. It is definitely head to shoulders above the competition.

CRS Merrill has redefined what customer service means in their industry. I simply gave Bev copies of all of our currently policies and she went to work personally reviewing every aspect of our current coverage. I loved that I didn't need to spend a bunch of time with her answering innumerable questions. She respected my limited time and made the whole process painless. Bev came back with a thorough review of our policies and included a recommendation for a significant improvement in coverage.

I love knowing that if something goes wrong Bev and her team can assist me in making a claim. We are not just a number anymore! I feel compelled to recommend CRS Merrill to everyone I know because of the outstanding personal service I received. We not only have moved our personal insurance to Bev and her team, but have utilized her for our business insurance needs and also now send all our clients to CRS Merrill.

The bottom line is this: if you want to be sure that your insurance really covers what you need it to, and you want someone there to advocate for you with the insurance companies if you make a claim, then you need to ask CRS Merrill to review your coverage. You'll be glad you did, and more importantly, your family and possible your company will benefit as well!

Sandy Fransham
Real Estate Investor
Fransham Properties

David Setter

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and all of your staff at CRS Merrill Insurance for their impeccable service.

I have been very pleased with the attention to detail and the level of service I receive each time I contact your brokerage; any questions and/or concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently. I am confident that CRS Merrill Insurance was able to provide me with the most cost effective options for my insurance needs. Any individual I have referred to you has indicated to me that their experience in dealing with you was a seamless process and that they were also very happy with you and your staff's level of service and expertise.

Given my level of satisfaction with CRS Merrill Insurance I have had no hesitation in recommending you to my clients, friends, and colleagues, and will continue to do so.


David Setter
Realtor, David Setter Real Estate Team
CIR Realty

Cindy Dubray

My family has used the same insurance broker for our auto insurance for almost 10 years. In that time I felt that we always received good service and competitive rates.

With our insurance policies coming up in January I asked that broker and Elyshia to obtain quotes for auto insurance for myself, my husband and my 2 children. We also asked for a quote for our home insurance.

Our insurance agent went to our current insurance providers and obtained pricing for renewing our policies. We were surprised at the significant increases. However, we were pleasantly surprised when Elyshia's quotes came in significantly less. In total she saved us almost $1,500 while providing better coverage. She was also able to save my son's girlfriend over $300 to insure a new vehicle.

I can guarantee that quoting our insurance was not easy. Elyshia provided each of us with several options and educated us on the differences. Service was timely and always done in a professional and upbeat manner.

I would highly recommend Elyshia and CRS Merrill Insurance.


Cindy Dubray, Vice President
Spire Group Inc.